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(Reston, VA – February 3, 2017) – JNetDirect announced today the release of version 6.2 of Combine, the powerful development, change management, and code deployment tool designed to automate development, quality assurance, and production lifecycles. The new version is a minor release focused on supporting new Microsoft Windows and SQL Server versions and enhancements for large deployments. Key new features include:

  • Enhanced Microsoft Compatibility: 
    Combine is now compatible with both Microsoft Windows 10 and Microsoft SQL Server 2016.
  • Ability to Re-Run Failed Scripts: Combine 6.2 introduces more options to handle script execution errors, allowing not only error ignoring or cancellation but also skipping or re-running scripts with errors. See more details on feature.
  • Improved Execution State Window Interface:
    Increased speed and usability. See details on the new interface.
  • Improved Change History Repository Performance for Large Data:
    The format of the Change History Repository database, which enables users to record all details and actions in response to the deployment of code packages, has been revised in Combine 6.2 so users will need to update it. See instructions to update database.

“With every release of Combine, we are excited to continue JNetDirect’s leadership in listening to, and working closely with, our user base to offer new flexible features to improve change management tasks and help developers achieve significant savings in both hours and resources in the database code release process,” said Ron Wright, President of JNetDirect. “Until March 31, 2017, we will provide a second seat license for free with the purchase of one license.”

Combine, is a development, change management and code deployment tool designed to automate the release process of database code for small, mid-size and very large SQL server environments. It allows users to easily transfer projects between Development, QA, and Production and guarantees one-click project and rollout deployment on all databases and servers in each environment. More information about Combine is available on the website, with full documentation available on the Support page, as well as a free downloadable Combine trial version. Current Combine license holders should contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to obtain their upgrade package.

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