New Reliable, High Performance, Secure JDBC Driver Now Supports ALL SQL Server Versions

JSQLConnect logo 650(Reston, VA – November 10, 2016) – JNetDirect announced today the release of JSQLConnect version 8.1, the type 5 driver that provides exceptional data access for Java-based applications connecting to ALL versions of Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Azure SQL Database.

“With this release of JSQLConnect, we again demonstrate our leadership in connectivity for SQL Server,” stated Ron Wright, President of JNetDirect. “Embedded in tens of thousands of applications worldwide, JSQLConnect continues to deliver robust, reliable throughput that is unmatched bycompetitors and at a price point significantly lower than other commercial solutions in the industry.”

“As for the “free drivers”, a deeper investigation demonstrates the substantial risks of depending on so-called “free” components, in addition to reduced performance,” added Wright. “In a crunch, you need immediate tech support, not wasting time surfing through some dated FAQ forum nor being tied to a driver where you are forced to upgrade your SQL Server version when they decide, not on your own upgrade schedule. This is why we highlight supporting ALL versions of SQL Server.

The JSQLConnect 8.1 driver is JDBC 4.0/4.1/4.2 compliant and compatible with JRE 8. The driver supports both 32-bit and 64-bit platforms; full support of industry standard Kerberos and NTLM authentication with SQL Server authentication and now compatible with Windows 10. Built on SQL Server 2016, Microsoft will be releasing SQL Server on Linux next year. JSQLConnect already supports Linux and thousands of companies are exploring this option for SQL Server.

JNetDirect also announced today the introduction of their new website that provides detailed specifications and technical documentation on all their products plus case studies, customer references and multiple white papers. A 30-day free trial download is available for all JNetDirect products.

A new version of Combine, JNetDirect’s change management tool for SQL Server environments, will be released later this year. Upon release of Combine 6.2, the tool will also be SQL Server 2016 compliant.

About JNetDirect

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