JSQLConnect Version 7.3+ Released - Securing the Cloud!

  • New: 7.3.1 release includes implementation of NTLM authentication with SSL enabled

Fully compatible with Microsoft's SQL Server 2014 and includes further enhancements to its Bulk Load Feature - Continuing JSQL's lead in Data Moving Performance.


In addition to continued support for JDK 7, and preparing for Java 8, the new 7.x  releases provide that important connection with Amazon SQL Server 2008/2012 over SSL plus several other new features including:


  • Bulk Loading Feature: 1.5 times faster than other drivers and now includes support for many new data type
  • Full SSL support
  • Support for JDBC 4.1
  • Compatibility with SQL Azure
  • JSQLConnect now provides exception in case of wrong URL params values
  • Implemented ResultSet.getDate() and ResultSet.getTime() support

JSQLConnect 7 is fully compatible with SQL Server ’14 and takes advantage of the new features available in the Microsoft product while maintaining high performance and reliability.

Version 7 continues the close working relationship between Microsoft SQL Server development and the JNetDirect programming team. In addition to compatibility with the new version of SQL Server, JSQLConnect has incorporated several new features in version 7 including:

  • Implemented ReadOnly Intent Support

AlwaysOn Availability Groups, introduced in SQL Server 2012, is a high-availability and disaster-recovery solution that provides an enterprise-level alternative to database mirroring. One of its benefits is to configure a given availability replica to support Read-only connection access. "Using active secondary capabilities improves your IT efficiency and reduces cost through better resource utilization of secondary hardware. In addition, offloading read-intent applications and backup jobs to secondary replicas helps to improve performance on the primary replica." (See http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/hh510230%28v=sql.110%29.aspx for more details)

  • Routing Support

Availability Group Listeners is another new feature in SQL Server 2012. The Listeners routes incoming connections to a suitable replica.”An Availability Group Listener is a virtual network name (VNN) to which clients can connect in order to access a database in a primary or secondary replica of an AlwaysOn Availability Group. An Availability Group Listener enables a client to connect to an availability replica without knowing the name of the physical instance of SQL Server to which the client is connecting. The client connection string does not need to be modified to  connect to the current location of the current primary replica.” (Seehttp://msdn.microsoft.com/en-gb/library/hh213417%28v=sql.110%29.aspx for more details)

  • Added transaction isolation level SNAPSHOT support

This new feature is important for projects that use frameworks with transaction management support. We have added a constant for the fifth isolation level 'SNAPSHOT' and moreover a driver property that enables 'use SNAPSHOT instead of TRANSACTION_REPEATABLE_READ mode'. In this case a call of setTransactionIsolation (Connection. TRANSACTION_REPEATABLE_READ) would be interpreted as setting the isolation level to snapshot.


View the key features introduced with and since the release of JSQLConnect 7.0.

JSQLConnect is the fastest, most reliable way to access Microsoft SQL Server products from Java applications. In addition to being SQL Server 2014, SQL Server 2012 and 2008 R2 compliant, JSQLConnect supports Microsoft SQL Server 2008, Microsoft SQL Server 2005, and Microsoft SQL Server 2000 with the latest JDBC capabilities.

JSQLConnect is a high performance, native type 4 JDBC driver providing comprehensive JDBC 3.0 support for Microsoft SQL Server. It allows for quick access to Microsoft SQL Server from Java applications, Servlets, EJBs, JSPs, and applets.

Evaluate JSQLConnect today with a fully-functional trial download freely accessible to test within your application. JSQLConnect is also offered as a Group License (3 connections); as a Business License (unlimited connections) or an Enterprise / OEM (embedded) version. A free trial version is downloadable after registering.

JSQLConnect - The Most Reliable JDBC Driver for Microsoft SQL Server

Top 3 of the many reasons JSQLConnect leads the pack in the JDBC drivers arena:

  • Performance
    Significantly better performance than Data Direct's JDBC Driver and the “free” drivers.
  • JDBC 4.0 XML Feature
    Supports the XML features of the JDBC 4.0 specification while Microsoft’s SQL Server Driver does not.
  • Continuous Support and Development
    No stale driver here! We stay current with the latest MS SQL Server developments.  Check the last release date for those other drivers you are testing.

Evaluate JSQLConnect today with a fully-functional trial download freely accessible to test within your application. Compare performance against your current driver with our free JDBC Performance Benchmark. Purchase a license online at our secure online store or contact a JNetDirect sales representative for a custom quote.



(* Note: SQL Server and Data Direct are registered trademarks of Microsoft Inc. and Progress Software Corporation respectively).