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JSQLConnect™ for Microsoft SQL Server

Introducing JSQLConnect 8 – Type 5 JDBC Driver

High Performance, Reliable, Secure, Scalable and Fully Compatible with all SQL Server Versions

For more than 10 years, expert developers have embedded JSQLConnect in thousands of applications around the world, and during that time JSQLConnect has become the trusted connection to provide fast, secure, scalable and reliable connectivity to the Microsoft SQL Server™ database.

With JNetDirect’s programmers and technical support staff solely focused on the advancements of Microsoft SQL Server, this specialization offers our customers a guaranteed trouble free, high performance JDBC driver backed up by years of SQL Server experience to fully assist you and your development team. With only one driver supporting all versions of SQL Server, your team will spend less time on maintenance and upgrade concerns as well as lower overall cost.

And now with the release of JSQLConnect Version 8 (see press release), we continue to outperform other drivers while exceeding the latest industry standards.


JSQLConnect 8’s Exceptional Features Include:

  • Speed and Performance
    JSQLConnect’s Bulk Loading Feature is 1.5 times faster than our nearest competitor and requires no code changes. With a small footprint and reduced CPU usage, maximize your data moving capabilities – especially with large data volumes.
  • Security
    Full Kerberos authentication support and NTLM authentication with SSL enabled. Secure connections are supported for local, cloud or hybrid SQL Server environments.
  • Specifications
    Supports TDS 7.4, the latest JDBC 4.x standards, both 32-bit and 64-bit applications, all SQL Server versions (including SQL Server 2014) and is a Type 5 JDBC driver. JSQLConnect also provides full SQLXML support.
  • Stability
    From a new application project to numerous applications that have been running for more than 10 years with unlimited connections at thousands of locations, JSQLConnect is the trusted component to ensure reliable connectivity with maximum performance.
  • Scalable and Affordable
    Whether your application is for a small internal application or part of a larger OEM project, the JNetDirect team will work closely with you during the testing period to offer the best license available.
  • Support
    JNetDirect’s support team is one of our greatest assets. Receive one-on-one support, quickly and gain access to an extensive knowledge base of problem solving.

"JNetDirect's staff has always been there to help with technical issues both during testing and long after the sale."
– Edward Rickter, DirecTV

In the column to the right, you can review JSQLConnect’s technical references and other resources in detail. Our latest documentation is included for review in the 30-Day trial download of JSQLConnect. Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for any questions about our products.

Nothing is Free

If you have looked into other JDBC drivers for SQL Server, you will know that there are “free” drivers available to developers. We encourage you to look into this option and the related license of these drivers very carefully. Most of these drivers don’t stay current with the latest critical specifications and are years behind in development. Free drivers also provide limited, if any, technical support during testing, implementation or after the use of the driver. If your application is down, waiting for a forum response does not solve your critical issue. And finally, “free” driver licenses may require limited distribution options and/or force your application to upgrade the driver on their schedule since the provider decides to discontinue support for previous versions of SQL Server. As stated, nothing is free so please review carefully all options with selecting your driver.

JNetDirect is dedicated solely to Microsoft SQL Server and looks forward to working with you and your development team in building a strong, long-term relationship.